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An Analysis Of Mc Donalds Health Menu

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McDonalds is one of the most well known fast food restaurants in the world. It is so popular that it sells seventy-five hamburgers every second and is shockingly also the worlds largest toy distributor (Lubin, and Badkar.) The powerful company is an overwhelming influence not only in the worlds economy, but also the worlds holistic lifestyle and health; therefore, McDonalds must be carefully monitored-carefully monitored meaning every move, every change, every single action the company makes needs to be a healthy one. Since the McDonalds business is unbelievably large, it has to manufacture a lot of food, and in a fast food business more in numbers means lower quality. But the food served isn’t lower quality. The food is not even food. It is poison! The chain restaurants food that is sold to the world population contains over 70 cancer-promoting ingredients (Roberts), not to mention it also contains preservatives that are butane-based, bleached flour, and the main ingredient found in silly putty (Breyer). It is clear that McDonalds does not sell food that anyone should be eating; yet, it poisons 68 million people a day, or in other words one percent of the population (Lubin, and Badkar.) 68 million people poisoned every single day. This atrocity absolutely without doubt needs to be stopped.

Since McDonalds is aware that people are more concerned with the healthiness of their products, they have added few items such as salads and fruits to gain a better reputation. Many high ranked officials even claim their food to be among the safest. “McDonald's is considered one of the best, if not the best, company in the United States when it comes to food safety” says Weisman. This claim, however, does not at all account for the poison being spewed into the food. A popular sandwich, called the McRib, or as it should be called, the McCancer, returned to the disturbing cafeteria this past holiday season. Often hailed by a group of cult-like followers that wait religiously for it to return every year or so. It has been around since 1981 and returning periodically (Spector, and Bhasin). The McRib is a sandwich containing ribs, pickles, McRib sauce, and is served on hoagie style bread. It is argued by many that the McRib offers no real threat, as there have been no documented cases of sickness, hospitalization, or food poisoning; yet, the classic item keeps resurfacing again and again in the media. So then, what is the big deal about just another hoagie that obviously contains countless calories and fat in it just like every other fast food item in America? Well, this is not just another roll. This is a whole lot more than just a snack. What most people don’t know is that the sandwich’s sauce alone contains over twenty ingredients (Roberts). If that sounds like a lot of ingredients then consider the ingredient list for just the Bun. After listing all the ingredients in the bun Robert said “That’s almost 40 ingredients for the bun alone. Interesting that...

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