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(An Analysis Of My Three Favorite Scenes From The Color Purple)

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(An Analysis of my Three Favorite Scenes from The Color Purple)

Alice Walker once said :“I'm poor, I'm black, I may be ugly and can't cook, a voice say to everything listening. But I'm here.” The film adaptation of Color Purple has a renown name for being one of the most thought provoking films of the twentieth century. Steven Spielberg, produce of The Color Purple, creates passionate and emotional scenes throughout his feature film.

A favorite scene of mine from The Color Purple is when Celie first meets Mr.___’s father. In the film the audience comes to realize what Mr.___ had to grow up with. A person’s upbringing usually reflects a great deal of what the child portrays in his own life. From this scene one can gather that Mr.___ acts the way he does because he had a rough childhood and was taught to submit himself to his patriarchs, which is most likely where he learned to make sure he is dominant over the women in his life. I was literally on the edge of my seat as I watched Celie fill up his glass of water and spit. Spielberg makes this scene quite cinematic when the audience is waiting for the father to take his first sip. I love that he keeps teasing the audience by directing for distractions to keep him from his beverage. Then he breaks the tension by slurping down the water to its last drop, while Celie tries to conceal her giggling. The best part about this scene is that Celie probably wouldn't have gotten in trouble by Mr.___, since he was feeling very offended by his own father.

One of the most heartwarming scenes from Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece is Shug Avery’s dedication to Celie in her singing performance. When Shug first turns to Celie in her performance to announce the dedication of her song, I wasn't quite sure if this performance was going to be one of positive emotions. This scene could have easily been used to embarrass Celie in front of a large group of people for Shug to further show dominance of Celie and send the message that...

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