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An Analysis Of Office Space Through Consultative Lenses

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An Analysis of Office Space through Consultative Lenses
Peter is an employee at INETCH where he is an information technician. His corporation hires a couple of consultants named Bob and Bob whose main purpose is to bring monetary gains to the organization, even if it is at the expense of the worker’s well-being. Peter’s lack of motivation, anger and disillusionment leads him to partner up with two of his co-workers and together they execute a plan to rob their current company millions of dollars.
As consultants we may face analogous situations where an organization possess not only unhealthy characteristics, but may expect you to solely focus on the monetary gains of the organization at the expense of the worker’s needs. This style of consultation not only will result in ineffective outcomes long term as the research has suggested (e.g., Cooper and Cartwright, 1994; Ironson, 1992), but is inconsistent with what consultation should entail. Consultation is defined by Ridley (2013) as the following “Consultation involves purposeful interventions designed to assist client organizations in becoming more effective. Constituents and stakeholders of organizations should be the beneficiaries of improved organizational effectiveness”. The consultants at INETECH did not have purposeful interventions and their intent did not appear to assist client organizations, rather they wanted to exert their power.
Furthermore, their entry point was at the individual level rather than at an organizational level. This is consistent with the literature where consultants collude and tend to use “individual directed” techniques rather than targeting the organization and restructuring the culture in place (Peterson, 1997). A the end of the movie we are able to observe that not only such “interventions” did not work, but they did not improve the organization’s outcomes. On the contrary, their tactics exacerbated the organization’s and worker’s complications. The current paper will further explore and discuss the dynamics of consultative theoretical models and tactics pertaining organizational characteristics in the movie Office Space. More specifically the following will be examined; dimensions of consultation, particular theoretical elements, organizational culture and particular interventions.
The dimensions of consultation allow professionals to better understand more about the specific roles, situations and methods consultants may be faced with once they are hired. Ridley (2013) explains that consultants may be faced with two different organizational views. First, where the organization will hire a consultant to provide tactics for preventive measures so that the company can function at a maximum level; this is referred to as Developmental Process. On the other hand the organization will chose to hire a consultant when the company is “pain”, in a crisis; this is referred to as Crisis Consultation.
The organization INETECH was in obvious pain....

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