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An Analysis Of Policy And Business Solutions To Global Climate Change

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As scientific research contends, discrepancies in the earth’s climate will have a significant impact on the environment and humans. Human habitation and economic patterns will all have to shift as entire ecosystems are altered because of these climate trends. As scientists continue to present the case that climate change is a serious problem that must be addressed through societal efforts, members of the public and private sector are beginning to recognize their obligation to take action. Yet, in order to make sound managerial decisions regarding climate change it is important to understand the nature of the problem. This report will consider the causes of climate change and evaluate the political response to climate change on an international and federal level. Further, it will assess the economic considerations that managers must make when adopting standards to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
Scope of the Problem
The term climate change refers to shifts in the atmospheric temperature over a period of time. While weather refers to frequent temperature changes, climate refers to temperatures trends over longer periods of time. As the IPCC, an international panel that monitors climate change, notes, the global mean temperature today is higher than it has been at any point over the 500 to 1000 years (Lutgens & Tarbuck, 2013). According to a presentation by Dr. Keven E. Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the observations from an international panel on climate change determined that the Greenhouse Effect is a significant contributor to changes in the Earth’s climate (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, 2014). The Greenhouse Effect posits that the accumulation of certain gases in the atmosphere prevent solar radiation from both entering and exiting the earth; as a result, solar radiation becomes trapped in the atmosphere, causing an increase in temperature.
Greenhouse gases are a detriment because they posses high levels of carbon dioxide, an gas that is particularly effective in trapping solar radiation. Analysis of the atmosphere confirms this build up, revealing that the composition of greenhouse gases is 60 percent water vapor, 26 percent carbon dioxide, and 8 percent ozone (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, 2014). Further, research reveals that the levels of greenhouse gases has increased between the base periods of 1961 and 1990, with a warming of the atmosphere accompanying the increase in carbon dioxide levels (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, 2014). These trends will have serious consequences for humans around the globe.
The reason that climate changes impact human life significantly is that climate interacts significantly with the ecosystem. The climate system is composed of the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the physical Earth, the biosphere, and the cryosphere, a term designating solid forms of water that are permanent landmarks on the Earth’s surface (Lutgens &...

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