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An Analysis Of Pro Quest's Planning And Review Sessions

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Identifying and evaluating customer needs and designing and delivering information services are two key components that comprise reference librarian responsibilities; they are also factors of import to information service providers.

This report analyzes a Scrum team 1 Sprint Planning Session and a Sprint Review Session at ProQuest, a company that provides information services to libraries. The purpose of observing these sessions is to see how a library service provider identifies and addresses internal and external customer needs for a library product called ProQuest Research Companion (PQRC).

PQRC is an information services tool that provides information services to students in the research process. During the observed planning and review sessions, the project team is addressing customer requests and refining the applications mobile capabilities.

Session 1: Sprint Planning

Scrum Master2 announced a list of issues that were identified by customers Each concern or update was reviewed individually and thoroughly examined by the team. The Scrum Master guided and clarified talking points throughout the session and made final decisions on what tasks would be done for the 2 week sprint.

For each issue a discussion takes place on whether or not the team should commit to the task. If a commitment is agreed upon, the ScrumMaster begins to create a “Story”, which maps out the planning of how the team will complete the task.

Lesson Learned
The Sprint Planning session is a time the project management team comes together to determine what parts of the project will be handled next. Time management is important so that team members are taking tasks that are achievable within a 2 week time table. This strategy allows the team to address individual customer needs in full. Attention to detail is imperative as the team maps the process of how to address the customer’s needs.

Session 2: Sprint Review

The Sprint Review session is when the project management team and a member of upper management (product owner) come together to demonstrate the work that was completed during the 2-week sprint. Issues discovered during the demonstration are put on a list to be fixed prior to the next planning session. The demonstrations are followed ...

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