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An Analysis Of Security Sector Reforms

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A security sector reform sounds like a very academic term and not something that would be seen often in situations. Well, as a boost of knowledge, it is something that has happened in many places around the world making it that one step better. What is a security sector reform you might ask? It is defined as a concept that first emerged in the 1990s in Eastern Europe, it generally refers to a process to reform or rebuild a state's security sector. That may sound like a mouth full so it translates as a movement that one country takes as itself to make it better and more secure or more beneficial for itself in the world today. The concept of a security sector reform is a like a present with all kinds of little things inside of it. As a security sector reform, some of the many things inside consist of: ways to begin one in transitional societies; deciding whether or not a country is capable of obtaining this reform; whether a country shall attempt the reform during war or post-war; and discovering the challenges and successes of the reform.
To start off, each individual has an argument for the best way to go about reforming the security sector within transitional societies. As my own individual, I believe that it is best to build a military force that can uphold the laws and cultural beliefs of the people. Stated in John Moyibi Amoda’s column, “the security sector reform is in two phases, the first phase deals with the police, the second with Defense Establishment in the country.” Once the country has a law enforcement set, it allows creation of laws that will begin to reform the country and guide them to better. Take a pet for an example, when one is trying to train a young puppy it is more effective to have one authoritative figure rather than multiple rulers. If two different people are telling the puppy different things, then the puppy will not know or understand which is correct and he will most likely do whichever he desires. Clearly, having a single law enforcer will create a more stable and understandable government to then begin a security sector reform.
Subsequently, to support the argument of beginning with military forces a case in 2000 arises. The case includes, “six more farmers were murdered bringing the total killed this year to 26 and to 650 since 1994,” said Trevor Grundy. He then extends his case telling that it happened because of racial issues. In the murder of these six men, police had to step in and put their foot down, so to speak, to make sure they were known. If there wouldn’t have been any police forces, then more could’ve lost their lives. Therefore, having the police on hand has been a reform for the better with no doubt. If one was to compare the past Southern Africa to the present day South Africa, one would see the immense amount of ground they have covered in a security reform.
Another case to give an illustration of a countries progress in a security reform would be in Liberia, the PAE were accused of Economic...

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