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An Analysis Of Setting Up The Phone Recorder

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After climbing three flights of stairs and trudging down the long hallway, I had finally arrived at my desired destination—The Youth Emotion Center. I took a moment to regain my breath while I fumbled through the pocket of my winter jacket in search of my student ID card, which would grant me access into the secured lab. Upon retrieval of the entry-granting card, I slid the card through the metal reader that was attached to the door and listened for the audible noise, which symbolized that the door was now unlocked. Once I heard the familiar unlatching sound, I grabbed the metal handle, pushed down, and opened the door.
I stepped into the room that was windowless (for reasons ...view middle of the document...

I decided to use this start-up time to set up the phone recorder. My hands started to tremble and my heart started to race and I racked my memory for the steps I had been shown during a meeting earlier this month. I unraveled the AC cord, the power supply, and plugged one side into the wall socket; it did not easily fit into the first socket that I tried, so I was forced to move to the socket to its left and there I found a better fit. I grabbed the recorder from the shelve and removed it from its clear plastic protective case, labeled “Recorder 2.” I plugged the other side of the AC adapter into the recorder after I located the proper slot. Next, I removed the phone adapter from the cardboard box that it was stored in and examined the two cords that were connected to it. I unplugged the telephone cable from the phone’s base and replaced it with one of the cords from the adapter, and then I plugged the telephone cable into the opening on the adapter; with each step I reminded myself that the adapter needed to be between the phone and the base in order for it to function properly. There was still one cord stemming from the adapter that hadn’t been plugged in yet. Suddenly, a voice entered my head that told me “if the recording is lying flat, then it is not completely set up.” ...

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