An Analysis Of Sherman Alexies Short Story Lawyers League From Ten Little Indians How Its Theme Of Racism Is Apparent In The Story.

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Racism Destroys Us All How many people would say they are prejudiced? Although most people are prejudiced about something, they would probably say they have no prejudices. Perhaps the most painful form of prejudice is racism. Although most of us try to avoid the issue of racism, it is all around us. It is unavoidable. In his story, "Lawyers League," Sherman Alexie confronts racism and its effects openly. He tells how a person can be both the victim of racism as well as the racist. It also illustrates how racism destroys people's lives as well as their dreams. In this story, Richard is a Political Science graduate of the University of Washington. He is half black and half Native American descent. His goal is to be the President of the United States. During the story he is portrayed as both the victim of racism as well as a being a racist. By the end of the story racism has destroyed his dreams and left him alone, wondering what his life could have been. Although minorities, like Richard, are most frequently the victims of racism, Sherman Alexie shows how the minorities can also display these same feelings. After meeting a woman during dinner, Richard begins thinking about marrying her. Why does he suddenlychange his mind? After seeing their reflection in a mirror he decides that, "she was short, blond, blue-eyed and white-skinned" (60). Even though he clearly likes her he lets racism influence his feelings about her. Choosing not to like someone simply because they are different is racism at its worst. All over the world, every single day, thousands of people lose their lives because...

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812 words - 4 pages family with no source of income and now fatherless innocent kids. Later in the story after the party when Laura is in the Scott’s household she walks in and “an old woman with a crutch sat in chair…”(8) Mansfield makes this elderly woman seem like a little helpless creature which further establishes the emotional feelings that you would receive from this sort of situation. Laura already feels horribly bad for the family but now she can actually see

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