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An Analysis Of Sorry For The Loss

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One of the most important human rights is freedom. Freedom is considered as one of the most common basic rights in the western world, but we can easily be robbed of freedom by breaking the rules. In Bridget Keehan’s short story “Sorry for the Loss” from “Eagle in the Maze – An Anthology of Stories from the Rhys Davis Short Story Competition 2008”, freedom meets captivity.

Evie works as a chaplain in a prison, where she helps to run ETS – Enchanted Thinking Skills. A part of her job is to deliver death notices to the prisoners. In the short story “Sorry for the Loss”, Evie has to tell the prisoner Victor Zamora that his grandmother passed away last night. She is quite nervous about ...view middle of the document...

Evie has been working in the prison for over a year (page 2 line 18), but she is still not comfortable in her surroundings. She use to walk around the empty wings to breath in the atmosphere and calm herself before talking to the prisoners, because she still finds the environment of the prison abrasive and intimidating (page 2 line 19). The prison occurs as a cold inhumane place full of metal sounds with no sign of nature or the outside world. Evie appears small and fragile in contrast to the massive threatening prison. She cares about the prisoner’s situations and is very meticulous around them. For example wants she to get the death notices just right, because it will be the first death notice she has delivered on her own. She seems humane and sensible.

She calms herself through prayer to feel more in touch with nature and to relax before unlock. “It gives her a chance to try and establish a feeling of calm in spite of the harsh surroundings” (page 3 line 31-32). She stands on the prisons highest level beneath a large arch window. It is, most likely, the only place in the prison where she can see the sky and feel the sun’s warmth on her face. Making it the only place where she can find nature in contrast to the enclosed brick building. Her job as a chaplain is not a typical occupation you associate with prisons. The two institutions, the church and the prison, are very different, almost contrasts. The church is welcoming, available to everyone and values freedom. The prison is forced, confining and incarcerating. The prisoners properly don’t have the same morals as the church has either, because they violated the church’s values by committing the crimes, which sent them to jail.

Even though Evie seems frightened by the prison, she tries to conceal it behind a confidence attitude. She doesn’t want to seem soft or weak to the other employees. The prisons atmosphere seems to affect the other employees as well, it somehow toughens them up. The officer who shows her to Victor’s cell is a big guy, build like a rugby player, and speaks in...

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