An Analysis Of Story Framing Throughout A Collection Historical Tales

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The collection of Arabic short stories known as The Arabian Nights is one that is riddled with symbolism and hidden elements. Each story varies in origin and value, portraying a wonderful example of the development of Folk literature with each retelling and written recording of them being uniquely different. The stories in The Arabian Nights are a complex web of interlacing arguments and morals, with each fitting well into its frame and proving its significance. The most striking device used to accomplish this feat is that of framing tales, or creating a story within a story. The Nights takes this literary element to an extreme, with as many as three different stories nestled inside one ...view middle of the document...

This appears in such stories as The Three Apples and The Seven Viziars. The general idea of The Nights is one in which the main story is narrated by an unknown speaker who is describing Scheherazade's narrations of other stories, and so on. The most dramatic appearance of this enigma happens when Scheherazade narrates The Fisherman and the Jinni which ends up becoming a narration of the Tale of the Wazir and the Sage Duban, which is a story that has three more tales written inside of it.
The purpose of each of the complex inter-mingling story lies within the moral lesson behind each one. As a collection that was mainly passed on by oral tradition, The Nights is unique in its interpretation of the human condition. The extensive history of this collection reveals countless times how relationships and life itself have been interpreted from the past. Each individual tale comments on the interactions between the characters and examine possible outcomes as per the time period. The concepts of race, religion,power, and gender are strong throughout the collection, giving readers an inside look into how each was viewed hundreds of years ago. The roles or women are particularly interesting. There is of course the view of women being lesser than men, as was the general opinion of the times,...

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