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An Analysis Of "The 10th Kingdom"

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An Analysis of "The 10th Kingdom" This epic tale from the Emmy-winning writer of Gulliver's Travels was a ratings bust on television, but on video and DVD, where it can be enjoyed at one's leisure, it has a better chance to cast its magical spell. Kimberly Williams has never been more enchanting than as Virginia, a waitress who still lives with her janitor father and yearns for something exciting to happen to her. Her wish comes true when she and her father are transported from New York City into a dimension that can only be called the Fairy Tale Zone; nine kingdoms populated by characters from fairy tales. They team up with a dog who's really a prince--Wendell, grandson of Snow White--changed into canine form by the evil Queen, who plots to usurp Wendell's throne. Father, daughter, and his royal dogness are relentlessly pursued through the nine kingdoms by the Troll King, Relish, and his three bumbling and horrible children, the huntsmen, and the conflicted Wolf who is allied with the Queen but, with the aid of some self-help books, tames his inner beast and falls in love with Virginia. There is indeed magic to behold here. Poor sweet, conflicted Wolf. The struggle between the human and wolf that's going on within him is evident in everything he does, but perhaps the genetic technicalities are not the only reason for this conflict. His grandfather (the infamous wolf who tried to eat Little Red Riding Hood) and his parents all came to untimely ends. I feel this goes to the heart of his character; his family seems to be fated, and he doesn't want to end up the same way. This heightens the conflict within him: his human side realizes what the wolf side is doing, and doesn't want it to get him in trouble. Unlike pureblood wolves, Wolf has a human insight into his own behavior... he knows that eating people is not one of the brightest things to do if you're trying to stay alive, yet he can't seem to resist wolfish temptations, as his wolf side has just as much control. It is this inner-conflict which makes him such a magnetic character: he's sweet but threatening; devoted yet plotting... and these are demonstrated in a number of ways. "You've got an appetite like a Wolf you have..." Wolf's "substantial appetite" is seen for the first time in the restaurant scene: it's the key moment when the viewer knows whether or not they're going to like Wolf... his over the top mannerisms, his passion for food - after this scene we know that he's a little bit different. It also makes the audience aware that he's the romantic lead... Virginia has already said that she needs "a good man, who's interested in food", when low-and-behold, look who's jaw drops at the sight of a Grill on the Green menu. This scene, and the ones that shortly follow it, also establish him as a threat, building upon his allegiance with the Queen. His love of food extends to people - he refers to Virginia as "succulent", tries to eat her grandmother, then later says that...

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