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An Analysis Of The Episode Pilot From The Show Glee By Ryan Murphy

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Glee: Defying the Mainstream The herd will take care of it” (Glee). This is not a reference to cattle but rather a reference to high school students; this quote was said by a teacher on the show Glee, indicating that students enforce the status quo. Ironically, this show does the opposite. The episode “Pilot” from the show Glee by Ryan Murphy is unique for television shows because it reverses the stereotypical views of society, and this essay will analyze it by summarizing the show, applying the Rhetorical Method and the Gender & Sexuality Method, discussing an outside source to further explain the creators motives regarding the show, and evaluating the text as a whole.
The pilot episode of Glee takes place at William Mckinley High School during an average school day and is set during modern times. The show has modern instruments, clothing, and automobiles. The main characters are Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry, and Will Schuester. The initiating event is Kurt Hummel, a homosexual boy, being thrown into the dumpster by the football players. The next event shows the previous instructor for Glee Club touching a students’ chest, this results in him getting fired. Therefore, there was no one to run Glee Club. As a response Will Schuester gets permission to run the club and the audience meets the characters while they audition. The next event was the first practice where Rachel ran out and demonstrated her need to have a male lead and to be special. Consequently, Schuester decided to ask the football team to join the club. He noticed Finn singing in the shower and decided to claim that Finn had marijuana in his locker. As a resolution, Finn joins the Glee Club to avoid punishment, and in response Finn’s teammates shoot him with paint balls. The audience sees Will Schuester’s wife’s desire for him to be an accountant and also finds out she is pregnant. Thus, he decides to leave the school causing Finn to leave the club. Since Finn left, the football players decided to bully a member of the Glee Club. Finn stops them and sticks up for his classmate and himself by deciding to join Glee Club again. The final scene of the show depicts Schuester following his dreams and the club getting back together.
This text can be analyzed through the use of the Rhetorical Method involving logos, ethos, and pathos. It provides “Equipment for Living” because it depicts the popular kids as good looking, the homosexuals as flamboyant, and the nerdy students as being dorks. Although this text reinforces these stereotypes it demonstrates that these characters are more than the “rules” they are defined by. It teaches the audience that that the roles of the stereotypical popular kids are undesirable, depicting them as being a bully. The text displays that it is appropriate and desirable to stick up for others, like Finn does. The role of Finn fulfills the stereotypical jock but also makes the audience root for him because he has a passion for Glee Club that he cannot express due...

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