An Analysis Of The Movie, Blood Diamond

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The movie "Blood Diamond" was released in 2006 and featured Leonardo Di Caprio as an arms smuggler whose main goal is to obtain a seemingly priceless diamond from a villager during the civil war in Sierra Leone. The film, although it has been called mild in comparison to reality, depicts the brutality that inhabitants of diamond villages were subjected to. The film was nominated for five Academy Awards, and won numerous other awards.
The film marker is trying to raise awareness of the illicit conflict diamond trade and reinforcing the Kimberley process1 and showing how it will stem the flow of conflict diamonds. This is successful mainly due to the public outburst after the movie. The great impact of the movie has caused diamond companies like De Beers2 to start a pre-emptive PR (public relationship) campaign, even before the movie was released to inform people that their diamonds are conflict-free.
The director serves to put RUF3 in bad light and condemning them of their actions. He wants to give the audience the perception that RUF is a terrorist group, by showing their acts of violence and brutality. For example, one scene depicted a slave who was killed by Colonel Poison of RUF for stealing one of his diamonds. The RUF wrongly justify the killing by saying that they are the ones who grant them freedom from colonialism (from the whites) and thus the people should support their actions by helping them to mine for diamonds. Hence, he hopes that no one will support RUF by deeming the group as morally and socially unjustifiable. Perhaps he should show some scene in the movie of RUF forces rescuing the people from captivity, poverty and hunger. This makes the movie neutral for better conclusions to be made about the RUF. Also, he highlights the fact that many of the government-based international organizations like UNICEF do not really work towards curing the situation. He also is trying to show us that the people at Van De Kaap are not truly trying to solve the problem. Instead they are aggravating the situation.
The filmmaker aims to discourage racism and show that both blacks and whites can work together to solve various problems. In the movie, Danny Archer had been forced to work together with Solomon Vandy, but they grew in terms of mutual understanding even though they had different purposes for finding the diamond (Danny- profit, Solomon- to find family). From our research, cooperation among Africans is needed to effectively solve the flow of conflict diamonds. An African Union was set up to speak on behalf of the African nations. Discouraging racism will always be important in Singapore not only because the local population consists of many different races, but also because of the apparent pro-Bumiputra policies which have drawn flak from some racial communities in Malaysia.
Besides, the filmmaker wants to show how an ineffective government can lead to suffering of its citizens. In the movie, Free Town4 fell into the...

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