An Analysis Of The Movie The 7 Year Itch.

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The Seven Year ItchBilly Wilder's The Seven Year Itch is a 105 minute film put out in 1955, and the only one of Wilder's films to be put out by 20th Century Fox. It was based on the three act play by George Axelrod with the same name. The premise of the movie is that after seven years of monogamy, men often experience an "itch" for extramarital affairs, and idea that has been validated by many psychologists, both back when the film was first put out and in modern society. The main character of the play is a man left in New York City for the summer while his wife and child vacation in the summer. While living without the pressures added by having his family with him, he starts to feel the itch, especially when he meets the Girl who had just moved into his building. 22, pretty, vapid, full of fun and devoid of responsibility, this girl becomes the object of Sherman's affection and his increasing wild fantasies, which vary from sexual relations with different women to his wife finding out about his friendship with the blond who lives upstairs. This movie is considered by many to be Marilyn Monroe's best work and the movie that got her the title of one of the sexiest movie stars in America.There were a few differences between the play and the film, mostly added characters and the removal of the main character's inner dialogue. However, Wilder was forced to make many changes due to the morality of the 1950'. Many of the scenes and some of the more suggestive dialogue did not make it through to the final screen play. Though these scenes were considered appropriate for the play version, Hollywood thought they would be too offensive to show on the big screen. One of the most controversial changes was the removal of a physical relationship between Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) and The Girl (Marilyn Monroe), as a comedy featuring adultery went against Hollywood production codes. In the film, the relationship takes place all in Sherman's head. Though the film received a very positive initial response, audiences were disappointed by the lack of physical action between the two main characters.Wilder felt that he was "straightjacketed" by the narrow-mindedness of the 1950's. Many phrases and scenes were cut out of the original play because they were deemed "too risqué" for the morals of the time. Wilder was not only prohibited to show the act of an extramarital act being committed; he could not even hint that the act had taken place by having the maid find a hairpin in Sherman's bed. Despite these bumps in the road in early production, the filming went smoothly.Though by modern standards the film is sometimes considered "obvious and over-plotted", it was thought to be very fresh and salacious when it was first put out in 1955. Many reviewers found the production to be full of laughs and thought it was Marilyn Monroe's best feature ever, though it is very rarely ever said to be Billy Wilder's best work, as many consider the dialogue as lacking subtlety...

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