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An Analysis Of The Symbols In Yeat’s Poems

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Throughout our lives, symbols and their meaning have had a great influence in our day to day living. Whether it is our country symbolizing itself with a flag or national seal, or our own faith, being symbolized as a cross, or as an angel; in fact religion has many sorts of symbols to tie it to together and for representation. Along with religion having many symbols, the great poet of William Butler Yeats had many symbols in his works and poetry. Throughout his countless poems, Yeats used different symbols to convey his message to his readers. Although from reading several of his works, many of Yeats’ poems revolve around death. In the texts by William Butler Yeats entitled, “When you are ...view middle of the document...

This poem is different than Yeat’s other poems, while his other poems deal mainly with death or old age, this poem is about being alone, and enjoying nature. Yeats uses the symbol of nature where he wants to spend his care-free time to enjoy the beauty around him. It could also be said that this poem is one of the last Romantic poems, simply because this is one of the last poems to use nature in this way of symbolization. In this poem, Yeats really connects with nature, using nature itself as an image, or a symbol to his poem.
The third of Yeats’ poems entitled, “Wild Swans at Coole” mainly deals with the main idea of becoming old, and uses the symbolism of a swan to tell of his message. Yeats main concern in this poem is the castle he is staying at has a beautiful pond next to it with a great number of swans residing in it. As Yeats strolls by this pond day by day, he observes the wild swans. He then uses the swan as a symbol which can be taken in several different ways. The first way the symbolism of a swam can be seen is that one day Yeats will become so old that he will no longer be able to walk by this pond and watch these swans. Then one day Yeats will die, but the swans will still be there. The second way the swans can be seen as a use of a symbol is that these are wild swans that can come and leave as they please. This shows Yeats the symbolism of just as these wild swans come and leave, so do people. People are born, and then they die, they leave; just as the swans do every winter when they migrate.
The fourth text found in our text book written by William Yeats entitled, “The Second Coming” uses the main idea that society in the next couple of years is going to crumble, and Yeats conveys this message while using the symbolism of a falcon and a falconer. Yeats main message in this poem is not about the second coming of Christ, but rather instead about the decay of society, in his case England, and the rise of a new and powerful nation, in this case America. The main reason he says that society is being wasted away is the many people have lost their faith, in which case the symbolism of the falcon and the falconer. This is when Yeats states, “The falcon cannot hear the falconer” (Yeats, The...

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