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An Analysis Of “The Ways Of Meeting Oppression”         Martin Luther

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An Analysis of ?The Ways of Meeting Oppression? Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights movement brought about many different views on how one?s oppression should be handled in America. ?The Ways of Meeting Oppression,? by Martin Luther King Jr., is based on how people handle oppression. According to Dr. King there?s a whole spectrum that ranges from violence to non-violence action in which the views are placed. Martin Luther King Jr. illustrates strategically how oppressed people deal with the three types of oppression, which are: acquiescence, violence, and non violence resistance.Dr. King strategically breaks down and characterizes acquiescence as a form of dealing with oppression. Through his analysis, King explains how people surrender to oppression and become accustomed to it as a way of living. Creating an atmosphere where the oppressed person learns to live in with oppression and never fully understands what self respect is. ?Religion reminds everyman that he is his brother?s keeper . . .To accept injustice or segregation passively is to say to the oppressor that his actions are morally right.? (King). Therefore, King believes that this lets the oppressor know that their actions are right influencing the oppressor to continue. Dr. King takes into consideration that this is not the best way to deal with oppression. In fact, he criticizes the people who utilize this method. ?To accept passively and in just system is to cooperate with that system; thereby the oppressed become as evil as the oppressor.?(King) Violence, as a method of dealing with oppression that Dr. King strongly diverges with. King assumes that people who resort to violence also influence hatred at the same time. He explains how violence only creates temporary results. Although at times it may be seen as the best way out but he believes that no one should ever degrade themselves to that level of understanding and standard. According to King, violence only creates problems instead of solving them.? Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love,?(King). He believes that violence is not the key word or the solution to any problem but love is the key word and the solution to all problems. Dr. King believes that everything one has in this world like the communities we live in can be taken away by means of violence. King strongly enforces his views on how violence destroys communities and leaves ?society in monologue rather than dialogue.? King strongly deems that ?violence ends by defeating itself.? The third, and final, way that Martin Luther King Jr. talks about is nonviolent resistance. King strongly supports this form of oppression because he believes this is the best method to deal with oppression. ? . . .The principle of nonviolent resistance seeks to reconcile the truths of two opposites- the acquiescence and violence. . .?(King). He thinks that people who use nonviolent resistance as a form of dealing with oppression take in characteristics from...

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