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An Analysis Of Theories

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There are many theories that cover specific moral believes. The following theories relate either to the consequentialists that belief that, “the rightness of an action depends on the amount of good it produces,” or the non- consequentialists that belief that, “the rightness of an action does not depend entirely on its consequences” ( Vaughn, 2010 , 67 ). My belief is, that life is a mix of both beliefs and their conjoining theories. Also, I believe that every person on Earth has their moments to choose which hat they want to wear, especially when choosing between what is right or wrong at a specific time.
The theory of Act- utilitarianism lies under the consequentialists’ belief system. ...view middle of the document...

The difference between the two is that, Rule- utilitarianism is based upon rules that dictate on if a choice is moral or not, and Act- utilitarianism is based on actions. This means that even though we adhere to a specific rule, it does not mean that the particular circumstance will bring forth a consequence that is considered good. A simple example of this is drinking water. Drinking water constantly is good for you and your body and its systems will be working properly, but drinking large amounts of water before going on an eight hour drive with no rest stops in sight, is not the best idea, and it brings bad consequences.
The Virtue Ethics theory is not connected to the consequentialists or the non- consequentialists beliefs. For virtue ethics, virtue is the top dog, not consequential actions. When a problem arises they ask, “What can I be?” ( Vaughn, 2010, 134). This means that they are not driven by duty, but by their emotions and their moral character. Virtue ethicists aspire to reach the greatest point of potential that they have and when they have done that go even higher. Virtues are not taught, but they are learned and practiced. Protecting some random person from crossing the road in heavy traffic would be done out of duty, but saving a family member that you love would be a natural reaction and an example of Virtue Ethics.
Kant’s theory, which calls out to the non- consequentialists, is “the view that the morally right action is the one done in accordance to categorical imperative” (Vaughn, 2010, 68) . This theory can be considered the opposite from that of Virtue Ethics. Kant’s theory is based on the principle of categorical imperative, “is self- evident …founded on reason”(Vaughn, 2010 , 68). Good will is the judging factor on which an action is moral. Things that are done from obligation are considered to be morally correct. I assume Kant believed when you involve emotions things can get blown over proportion and the...

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