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An Analysis Of The Tv Show 7th Heaven

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7TH BestOne of the highest rated and most popular programs on television today is 7th Heaven. The success of the series, based on the daily lives of a minister and his family, has surprised even the producers. They admittedly took a gamble when they piloted a show based on ethics and family values, in an age many view as morally declined.Most people watch television for information or entertainment. In 7th Heaven, the producers not only blend the two but, because the Camden children range in age from infants to young adults, we can relate to their stories and gain insight into our own.We have watched as first Matt, the eldest and then Mary, became licenced drivers, suffered lost loves, and dabbled with drugs. We've seen Lucy as a child, befriend the town recluse and later, help reunite a boy with his absentee father after the boy's mothers death. Simon is in junior high, and is very analytical and somewhat capitalistic. He is the kids' "banker." Ruthie is in the first grade and by far the most fiery and precocious. She manages to keep everyone on their toes! Their parents, Annie and Eric, or Reverend Camden, are very realistic in the way that they deal with everyday problems and real life tragedies they face with their children and the members of their church.The show deals with real situations such as car-jackings, the death of a friend, and Annie's acceptance of her fathers girlfriend, following her mothers recent death. In one episode Matt, Mary, and Lucy all have to make decisions concerning drugs....

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