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An Analysis Of Wireless Power

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The fundamental idea of wireless power has been around for more than a century. In 1891, Serbian American inventor Nikola Tesla successfully demonstrated wireless transmission of power and high frequency energy in Columbia College. [1] The concept of wireless electricity was developed by Tesla. The idea behind this technology focuses on the Sun being positively charged and the Earth being negatively charged, the Tesla generator can utilize these cosmic energies (electrostatic energy) and transform it into electric current. Thus, producing wireless electrical energy. [2]
Currently, there are multiple methods of wireless power transmission that try to utilize magnetic induction to charge objects. The first approach is called inductive coupling, which is the supporting concept behind electric toothbrush charging. The idea is that first, any time electrical current moves through a wire, a circular magnetic field is created around the wire. Second, bending wire into a coil can amplify the magnetic field it creates. Therefore in the case of the electric toothbrush, the charger and the toothbrush both have a coil inside, and when current from wall outlets flow through the coil inside the charger, it will create a magnetic field. Then when the toothbrush is placed on the charger, the magnetic field created by the charger will induce a current in the second coil inside the toothbrush, which is connected to the battery. The induced current will be what is recharging the battery. [3]
Another approach by researchers at MIT in 2006 is called non-radioactive energy transfer (Resonant Induction Recharging). This method is currently being applied to self-charging systems for electric vehicles. By attaching capacitance plate that can hold a charge to both ends of the curved inductor coil wire, electromagnetic fields around the coils can resonate at the same frequency. If the two resonating coils are within a few meters, given all coils resonate at the same frequency, a stationary field around the transmitting coil could supply electricity to one or even several receiving coils. [4] This method relies on magnetic fields, and would be considered safe because they interact very weakly with biological organisms[5].
Other methods include using microwaves to transmit electricity from energy beams from Earth or even space. These are long-range wireless power transmission approaches, and this report will not provide in-depth description regarding these methods.
Building blocks for Current Market
1. Customer Segments:
Different applications of wireless power are directed towards different customer segments. The most important customers for wireless power are small business venues like Starbucks and McDonalds where there is a large traffic flow as well as large businesses with many employees. Duracell Powermat focuses on small business venues for their table charger products. On a larger scale, large companies are ideal consumers for charging stations in...

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