An Analysis Of Yeats’ Philosophy On Change And Stability, And How They Interconnect, Using When You Are Old, The Lake Isle Of Innisfree, The Wild

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The world is a place that is ever changing, yet somehow it always stays the same. There is a saying, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Another goes like this: history has a way of repeating itself. So does that mean that people can’t learn from the mistakes of the past? Certainly not. There are brilliant minds in this world that can visualize in what ways events have gone wrong in history. They are able to learn the faults and strengths of other, older civilizations, and build on those. Unfortunately, these minds are few and far between, and the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves. There comes a time in every country/civilization’s existence that a bad leader takes ...view middle of the document...

The obvious change in this poem is appearance. He tells her that she won’t be beautiful forever, and when she’s not, to think of him and how much he loved her. This poem is written in the present tense, looking forward to what the future will hold. What Yeats does describe as staying the same is this woman’s soul. He calls it a pilgrim soul, and tells her that is the real reason he loved her; not for her beauty, but for her soul. This poem has very contrasting ideas, and one may have to read it more than once to discover what it is that stays the same, as he describes how everything else is changing around this woman. The fact that her beauty is great now means nothing to Yeats, as he said he would have loved her even with “the sorrows of your changing face.” (Pg. 1140 line 8) The contrast between constants and instability in this poem are not as great as in some others, but can still be found.
The Lake Isle of Innisfree is a little bit different in the aspects of change and stability, and how they interact with one another. Change in this poem is represented by the city that the speaker wishes to leave. One can only assume that speaker is Yeats, as he doesn’t identify himself in another way. He complains about the city in this poem in a way that is so indirect, one doesn’t know he’s complaining at first. With the Industrial Revolution came many new ideas and a lot of change for cities and the people in them. For someone like Yeats, who was living at the time the Industrial Revolution occurred, it could be very hard to handle, watching the city grow and morph into something totally new. Major cities were reborn in a way, and some people didn’t appreciate the new renaissance that was taking place. On the other hand, something that remains constant for the speaker of this poem is the sound the water makes as it touches the shore at Innisfree. He longs for this remote island to get away from all the chaos of other people and of everyday life. “I will arise and go now, for always night and day/ I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore…” (Pg. 1141 lines 9-10) The stability Innisfree has for Yeats isn’t something he can access all of the time; it is only something he wishes for.
Yeats’ poem titled The Wild Swans at Coole focuses, for the majority of the poem, on stability. The only hints he gives that change is occurring are the passage of time, and the uncertainty of the years to come. This uncertainty isn’t made clear until the very end of the poem in the last few lines. “Among what rushes will they build,/ By what lake’s edge or pool/ Delight men’s eyes when I awake some day/ To find they have flown away?” (Pg. 1143 lines 27-30) The main focus of the poem is the swans, for which the poem is named. The...

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