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Famous satirist, Jonathan Swift, in his essay, A Modest Proposal, talks about how to solve Ireland's overpopulation and severe poverty. Swift’s purpose in this essay is to convey how serious Ireland’s problem is and to convince the people of Ireland, both rich and poor, to make a change. Swift adopts a serious tone in order to make his ridiculous proposal seem “modest” when in fact it is ludicrous. This tone of his helps highlight just how severe Ireland's depression is.
Jonathan Swift, Irish Satirist, is trying to change Ireland by first proposing a crazy proposal, and then giving a realistic solution in the end. Ireland, at the time, had a terrible economy, overpopulation, and an ...view middle of the document...

He uses logos to argues that selling off kids will help Ireland earn money, reduce population, and prevent kids from living terrible lives. He purposely ignores human emotion to show just how messed up Ireland really is. He ignores it by never bringing up the value of a human life, ignoring the concept of familial love, and pretending that there will actually be a market for human babies. The potential profits gained from selling babies is shown through statistics that say “The content breeders, besides the gain of 8 shillings sterling benefit by the sale of their children”. He then logically looks at how the babies themselves will benefit from being slaughtered. “ The poorer tenants will have something valuable of their own” “ this food would likewise bring great custom to taverns.” “He argues that the sale of babies will benefit society if you look at economics and common sense. Swift basically uses logos to prove that his proposal has many benefits, but he purposely ignores the moral idea that selling babies is wrong. He basically leaves that idea as an elephant in the room to make the reader realize his proposal isn’t actually serious.
Swift uses vivid pathos to directly contrast with the coldness of his logos to help the reader realize his proposal isn’t actually serious. While swift raves about great his proposal is, he clearly throws in horrible images of baby skin gloves, “buying the children alive, and dressing them hot from knife, as we do roasting pigs”, and “ carcasses of a good fat child”. The author purposely...

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733 words - 3 pages Reference Center, “A Modest Proposal, like Gulliver’s Travels, transcends the political, social, and economic crisis that gave birth to it, woeful as they were. Packed with irony and satirical revelations of the human condition…” Swift wasn’t just writing a masterpiece, but an intended, informational sequence of “helpful” antics, so he says. The underdevelopment and poorness of Ireland communities was most provident amongst mothers of small children

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521 words - 2 pages contribute to society and for the general public, less beggars and homeless on the streets. Therefore the streets are cleaner, less hectic, not as crowded and just plain better.Works CitedSwift, Jonathon "A Modest Proposal" 75 Reading plue ed. Santi V. Buscemi, Charlotte Smith.McGraw-Hill. USA,

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2340 words - 9 pages reading a very different account of the war." (Tyson 282) We cannot be satisfied with any interpretation of history which relies on subjective information. 	It is not surprising that the targets of Swift’s satire cannot be, and are not meant to be, clearly distinguished from one another, nor that Swift’s allegiances between the English, the Anglo-Irish, and the natives are blurred and fluctuating things. These confusions provide essential energies of Swift’s style. The "Modest Proposal" clearly is an embodiment of the complexities and contradictions of the English-Irish relationship in the eighteenth century.

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