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An Analysis On Important Life Lessons Suggested By Grandfathers

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Often people look towards old people as people who are dull, and not full of life. They don’t understand anything of the times. They pinch cheeks. They always tell boring stories. These are many things people stereotype the older generation as being. Yet, this is not true at all. Older people need to be highly respected. They have lived such long lives and gone through so much. They give so much insight on how people should live their lives as clearly they have endured through it. In the short story of A Celebration of Grandfathers by Rudolfo A. Anaya, it suggests important life lessons that everyone needs to know.

To begin, in A Celebration of Grandfathers, the first insight the Grandfathers tell us is to know where you stand. It is told that the narrator’s grandfather spoke in short phrases and to the point. Life is short, so why not get to the point and let people know what you believe and know to be true? The words, know where you stand, could mean many different things.In the text of A Celebration of Grandfathers, it reads, “I came upon an anthill, and before I knew it, I was badly bitten. After he had covered my welts with the cool mud from, the irrigation ditch my grandfather calmly said, know where you stand.” Even a small thing such as being bitten by an ant, was made into a small word of wisdom. In this case it could have been referring to and taken in many different ways.

Also, another piece of wisdom told in the story A Celebration of Grandfathers, was to be participants with the forces that filled our world. In the short story A Celebration of Grandfathers, it reads, “I wish it would rain! My grandfather touched me, looked up to the sky and whispered, pray for rain. In his language there was a difference/ He felt connected to the cycles that brought the rain or kept it from us. His prayer was a meaningful action, because he was a participant with the forces that filled out world, he was not a bystander.” Many messages can be taken from these...

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