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An Analysis On The Differences In Setting

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Setting has always been the number one thing to focus on in all stories beside characters and plot development. Yet, setting has a huge part in both of those things as well. Setting has such a wide variety of things writers could choose from which is why the reason so many people focus on it is. Every little detail read describes the setting or puts a vivid image in the reader’s mind which is really the main focus of writing. If the readers have nothing to picture, then there is no story or point in reading that certain text. In the texts of The Man to Send Rain Clouds and Old Man of the Temple, there are many similarities and differences that influence the character and story events through place, time, and culture.
To start, the stories of The Man to Send Rain Clouds and Old Man of the Temple can be compared and contrasted through place. In The Man to Send Rain Clouds, one of the main places that are different from the other text would be the graveyard or the place of the burial. This was a small part in the short story but also a big part as well as the entire story was pretty much based around it. The text of The Man to Send Rain Clouds reads, “The priest looked at them and saw a pile of jackets, gloves, and scarves in the yellow, dry tumbleweeds that grew in the graveyard.” This shows a little description of the dry place. The Old Man of the Temple on the other hand takes place mainly in front of the old temple. The characters drive in front of the temple, then all the action takes place there from there on out. It also gives descriptive words about the temple having mounds of old brick and the walls were awry. Both stories do a very good job describing the place.
Also, time has a big part in the setting in the short stories of The Man to Send Rain Clouds and Old Man of the Temple. The timing in The Man to Send Rain Clouds is probably most important when they found the grandfather dead, all the way to when they need to go get the priest. The timing as they passed the priest after picking up the grandfather was almost timed perfectly as the priest would have known as he would have known about the passing, which the grandchildren did not want to happen. In Old Man of the Temple, the timing of Doss “seeing the old man”, all the...

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