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An Analysis On The Relationship Between Parents’ Financial Condition And Children’s Academic Performance

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An analysis on the relationship between parents’ financial condition and children’s academic performance
Objectives and significance of the paper
1. To illustrate that parental involvement contains many aspects not only in material support but also in mental development.
2. To demonstrate the significance about the educational equality.
Description of the phenomenon
It can not ignore the fact that children’s educational chances are influenced by the social class of their parents. Lareau (1987) figured that “middle class' parents, in supervising, monitoring, and overseeing the educational experience of their children, behave in ways that mirror the requests of schools. This appears to provide middle-class children with educational advantages over working class children”(p. 83). Within the last ten years, there is a growing tendency that more and more wealthy family children in mainland have attend the higher scores in the university entrance examination, so that they can enroll the most distinguished university in China(e.g. Tsinghua University and Peking University). Otherwise, a great number of them choose to attend SAT, which give them opportunities to approach the western culture and education. For those children who attend the higher education, they are more likely to be successful and make great contribution to the society.

It has been well documented that there are many “effect sizes for specific variables for parental involvement, parents attending and participating in school events, and having household rules regarding schoolwork” (Jeynes, 2007, p. 96). Wealthy parents have ability to provide more teaching resources to their children, and they also have greater opportunity to see how other parents nurture their children successfully, which might influence their value and mind to educate their children. Even though they can provide their children a lovely environment to live and study, to give them what they want, to cater their demand, they tend to avoid spoiling their children. In contrast, they might become very strict with their daughters or sons because they have great demanding and responsiveness to them and look forward to nurture them to become great individuals. In this circumstance, the children might have greater chance to fulfill achievements under their parents’ conduction. They have better academic support, they do not worry about other financial stuff, and they can pay more attention and have more time to focus their study. Obviously they can have better results in pursuing the academic process.

However, due to the financial problem, those poor parents can not provide a better learning environment for their children, they can not afford the tuition to tutorial classes and those expensive textbooks, which play an important role in enhancing the grades level. Those children lost chance to learn the extra knowledge, they can not receive some special methods from tutors which make them have a comprehensive overview to...

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