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An Analysis On Whether Two Characters From A Story Deserved Their Fate

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People all over the world have conflicts. Whether they are small or big, no matter who you are, you will always experience the trauma of having enemies. Although, some peoples problems are blown so out of proportion, that it gets to a point where they just need to stop and get over it. Sometimes the conflict goes on for so long, that no one truly knows the real reason they are enemies in the first place. It has always just been that way. Humans need to realize it is ok to forgive and forget. In The Interlopers, the two men at least tried to make amends. Even if it wasn’t legitimate, it still shows a lot that they tried as they had been enemies for so long. In the short story of The Interlopers, the two men did not deserve the fate that happened to them as they made an effort to become friends, everyone should get a second chance, and no one deserves to die that way.

To start, the two men from The Interlopers did not deserve their fate as they made a great effort to try and make amends and become friends. Even though it may be questioned if the apology was legitimate, their was still and effort put forth and the idea was brought up. In The Interlopers Ulrich says, “Neighbor, if you will help me to bury the old quarrel, I will ask you to be my friend.” They wanted the conflict behind them. Also, if you only focused on what they were saying, it almost sounds as if they were telling the truth. True enemies like them wouldn’t even bring up the thought of becoming friends as it would disgust them to even bring it up. Yes, they were in a big conflict, but they tried to solve the matters that were at hand. If they hadn’t have put forth that willingness, than maybe they did deserve their fate because they couldn’t let their hatred of each other go. Obviously in this story that wasn’t the case though. So once again they tried to make things between one another better.

To continue on, the two men did not deserve their fate in The Interlopers, as everyone deserves a second chance. We have all had our enemies as mentioned before. The feud was bad the first time around, but they deserve to at least let it be known that they were going to try and fix...

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