An Analysis Of The Persona Of My Last Duchess

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As an educated scholar, it is important to come to light with the fact that every well-known and reliable author, skillfully crafts his words manipulatively mainly by using figurative language, aiming to have a meaning, hidden behind the text. Beginning to read Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess", the reader might not fully grasp what's happening in the poem, or what rhetorical and hidden meanings the poem might possess; until reading it thoroughly and repetitively. In order to comprehend poetry, a reader must first analyze the poem and its poetic tools, understand the persona, and what it can reveal through the dramatic monologue. Browning has been able to transfer a strong message and experience to the reader, by rendering and putting in motion different poetic tools that reflect the purpose he is trying to achieve skillfully, which will be further discussed in this essay.
First, for every poetic work the reader must thoroughly analyze every aspect of the poem being read and pinpoint the poetic tools utilized in the poem, as every small detail reflects on the overall meaning of the poem. Skimming through the poem, one can notice that this piece is rich in poetic tools. First, it involves a voice that is labeled as the speaker which, in turn, creates a dramatic monologue. The speaker is the duke, who is addressing the count or a messenger about the painting of his previous dead Duchess. Second, the tone of the poem gives the reader a feeling of royalty, high hierarchy, and education through the word choice, interest of the duke in art, and royal labels, such as the "Duke", "Duchess", and "Count". Third, the poem involves a number of conflicts that can be either directly seen or interpreted. The first one being an internal conflict between the Duke and his Duchess, which is sensed when the Duke says, "Quite clear to such an one, and say "Just this Or that in you disgusts me; here you miss, Or there exceed the mark"", the Duke is disgusted by the acts of his Duchess, however he is not able to confront her as he is not a very good speaker and because, she knows how to get herself out of such situations. The duke says, "and if she let Herself be lessoned so, nor plainly set Her wits to yours forsooth, and made excuse". The next conflict can be interpreted by the fact that it is somewhat obvious that the Duke murdered his wife the Duchess, for he has no signs of sorrow while describing her, and he shows signs of hatred towards her over-the-top goodness with peasants and people less than his social level. Finally, the third conflict being a moral one, can be pinpointed through many factors, such as when the Duke labels women as "objects", openly brags about his expensive art pieces, and introduces his previous dead wife in a hateful manner to the count, who is about to carry a message to the father of his next wife. Fourth, there is a consistent end rhythm throughout the poem. An end rhythm doesn't create one general mood throughout all poems, but...

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