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(An Analysis Of The Security Sector Reforms In Russia And Bulgaria)

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National Peace Essay 2014

(An Analysis of the Security Sector Reforms in Russia and Bulgaria)

Over the past twenty years, civilization has seen vast changes in which our society performs and operates. “Security sector is a broad term often used to describe the structures, institutions and personnel responsible for the management, provision and oversight of security in a country. These can include defense, law enforcement institutions, corrections, intelligence services, border management, customs, elements of the judicial sector, management and oversight bodies, civil society groups and other non-state actors, among other elements.

Security sector reform aims to develop a secure environment based on development, rule of law, good governance and local ownership of security actors. SSR concept is based on the reform and/or rebuilding of a state's security sector. It starts where a dysfunctional security sector is unable to provide security to the state and its people effectively under democratic principles. Parallel to that, the security sector can be a source of widespread insecurity by itself. In this respect, an unreformed security sector represents an obstacle to sustainable development, democracy and peace.” (Information and Communications Technology Division). Although there is no absolute definition of a security sector reform, the trial and error process countries must go through is quite noble. To be able to reflect upon a governments failures and success in security is ultimately needed to continue peace building in our nations.

The current inadequacy of Russian governmental control of the security sector is problematic in furthering the country’s social and economic progress.“In general, consistent with the dominant Weberian view, patrimonialism seems to undermine the capacity of Russian state coercive organs. An alternative account contends that patrimonialism can promote greater bureaucratic effectiveness, and recent Russian military reform efforts provide some support for this view. Overall, though, the case for patrimonialism is intriguing but ultimately less persuasive than the one against.” (Taylor). An authoritarian government , such as Russia’s, threatens the ability of a country to break the self-destructive cycle of violence. The best possible way to reform Russia’s security sector is to temporarily implement laws to promote a more democratic government. Perhaps by putting in a more strict set of regulations for members of the United Nations, Russia could potentially be convinced that a change in administration will foster peace within their lands. “Despite the negative publicity surrounding Russian approaches to stability operations in Chechnya, elements within the Russian force structures do offer distinct capabilities where such operations are concerned. One distinct example are the little-known civil defence troops of the Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergency Situations and Natural Disaster Management. Assessing the...

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