An Analysis Of The Teenager's Behaviors.

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When children become teenagers, they have a difficult period of time in their life. The teenagers have very sensitive nervous system, they are very often standing spitfire and want to do only that they want. Therefore, it is very important than parents or another adults can help teenagers understand themselves. People can give a good advice how to make a right choice, to have positive activities, goals in life, and a what to have a good, successful life.Beginning our talk with teenagers about how to get success in life, we have to first understand, do they really want to achieve success, and how do they define success. The main thing is to stay in this life as an individual, we have to always be ourselves, and that is the hardest. This does not mean that we have to always say everything that we think, or behave ourselves the same at the age of 15 and 45. Life around us changes and we change too, but every time you do something, ask yourself a question: you are doing this because somebody wants it, or you are doing this because this is according to your life rules and you need this. And in order to have those rules for every question you ask yourself and not be a marionette in somebody's hands, and not to ruin something for yourself, you have to know as much exact knowledge and special disciplines, so you would know what is talked about, and know the history, so you would know what others did in these situations, and what happened from it. And of course develop your mind, to use all that you know correctly. And for that you have to start already now to decide all the decisions by yourself, even the smallest ones (for example, what to wear today). Never be...

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