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In this project I will be designing and making a database. The use and the aim of the database should be school-subject related and therefore I decided to choose Geography as a subject to focus on. I then decided to make a database that would simply store useful, basic geographical facts about world-wide countries, and this would be the effective solution to the problem of the lack of learning resources for the students in the school.

At the moment, there is a very limited amount of information, mainly in the form of books available in the school library, and the problem evolves when a class is a project and students need to do research, there are never enough books for each student to do their individual research.

By providing a database, rich with valuable resources including statistical and geographical data, the are then able to have access to helpful facts, information and attractive pictures and maps that they can refer to in their research, or they can just browse and explore through the database to build up their general knowledge. This database is aimed at a certain age group an therefore the language, the terminology and the information needs to be suitable for that age group. This database is aimed at children aged 8 to 11 year olds and therefore the language used needs to be simple, the information in the database needs only to be basic facts at this stage just to give the children a 'taster' about the country, and the system itself needs to be simple enough for the children to be able to use because I assume that their computer skills are not that advanced at this stage.

The software I am going to be using is a database called File Maker Pro® by Claris. The hardware I will be using will be an IBM compatible computer, with a 486 processor, with 66Mhz , 8 megabytes of Ram and a 14 inch monitor, and a Cherry keyboard and mouse. The print outs were printed using a HP DeskJet printer.

Using a database I can display my data fields, records and layouts. I can also create and define 'buttons' to do certain jobs. You can create as many layouts as you want and have as many records as you want, and store all the wealth and information of each and every country in the world in a neat, tidy and simple to use way all on one Compact Disc, or perhaps even on the hard drive, all much bigger than any book or filing cabinet. You can also rely on File Maker Pro to do automatically save your work for you without you having to remember to save it when you exit.

Using File Maker Pro, data entry mistakes can be easily corrected and edited. Once you have done a layouts you can easily duplicate empty forms of the layout for a new data entry, and in my case for each new country, File Maker Pro duplicates my original layout in a blank form so I can easily enter the facts and figures for each new country under the field headings.

You can also very simply edit a layout; change the position and spacing of the fields, change the font, and...

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