An Animal To Save The World: The Polar Bear

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An observant over the past years show the sudden increase of polar bears being endangered. The polar bear is a meat-eating bear, which normally lives within the Arctic Circle, surrounding sea. Polar bears are threatened directly on how humans treat our earth and our environment involving Global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. A friendly environment helps saving the lives of Polar bears that are being harmed due to our actions. This problem may be solved through various ways by helping to find ways to slow down global warming and to help regulate oil and gas businesses from using certain type of harmful chemicals that harm the Polar Bears and decreasing the rate of hunting being used to kill the polar bears prey. Resulting the endangered species, polar bears to known to be close to extinction. The polar bear is “canary in the coal mine” a serious threat global warming poses to species. Unless immediate action is taken.
Studies show that polar bears have been listed as a threatened species in the United States. With the survival and preservation of polar bears being considered an urgent and serious issue. Polar bears symbolize the Endangered Species Act. This act is designed to defend certain species from future extinction, “consequence of economic growth and development untempered by adequate concern and conservation”. Given the current status of environmental issues and oil and gas businesses steadily moving towards the homes of polar bears. There is plentiful reason to stabilize the environment, not only the environment but regulating which type of businesses should be allowed. “On the bases of projected loses of their essential sea-ice habitats, a United States Geological Survey research team concluded in 2017 that two-thirds of the world’s polar bears (Ursus maritimus) could disappear by mid-century” (Armstrup 955). This problem could be solved if oil and gas businesses regulated the harmful choice of which toxic chemicals were used that was known to be especially harmful to the polar bears. The rate of the number of polar bears deaths would decrease. “It is likely, then, that the polar bear listing and consequent regulatory restrictions will be the subject of court battles for many years” (Adler 111). Clearly, until the problem is solved constant propositions will be introduced continually to prevent these polar bears to endangered species and to even go furthermore, extinct.
Furthermore, Global warming affects the entire planet including a melting Artic. Global warming refers to an increasing rise in the typical average of Earth’s climate system. Heat waves, extreme store events and droughts are examples of these global warming changes, which are occurring more than ever these days. Polar bear lives are depending on the Artic sea ice. About 2,000 polar bears are estimated to be living in the Artic and 25,000 as the total population including Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Russia. Although that amount of polar...

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