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An Anti Cloning Persuasive Paper.

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CloningImagine a world with cloning out of control. A world where everyone looks, walks, talks, thinks, and acts the same. There would be no war, no racism, perfect justice and all the other benefits of a completely homogenous society. The only problem with this vision of the not to distant future is that no one wants to be one of one hundred million five hundred seventy three thousand nine hundred and twelve. Even in this age of pop culture and MTV, people cling to their own notion of personal individuality. One of the many other problems with cloning is that to even come close to the stage of cloning where the scientists could clone just one body part, say a heart or a lung, would require the creation and destruction of so many clones as to nullify the value of the life saving technology that would result. There is no reason why science has to clone humans, and any advances in this direction would only detract from the overall quality of human life and ultimately destroy the world as we know it.To begin with, cloning undermines all of the genetic traits put into each human being by the Darwinian selection process. Every cell in our bodies is telling us we need to spread our genes on to the next generation. Soon there would be four or five variations on a child. You would choose the smart kid, or the track star, or maybe make yourself a copy of the latest singing sensation. If when a couple want a child they just choose one like a vending machine, soon we will have a million little Air Jordans and Brittney Spears running around. But almost none of them would turn out like the original because most of a human's personality is not in their genes but their upbringing and environment as a child. And when the little clones of Mr. Jordan didn't grow up to be a basketball star the parents would be disappointed. At least if it is a natural born child and it's a failure it still has the genes of the parents and they can only be mad at themselves for bad parenting. In these times of a lawsuit for every little mistake, a clone of Jordan who couldn't play basketball to save his own life would be an easy thing to blame on some mistake by the big bad scientist. Humanity as a whole fears what they don't understand, and most people don't understand cloning or its implications.Secondly, another issue that surrounds cloning is the rights of clones, Would they be treated as people or merely a nice place to hold organs, until the original needs them. We could end up creating a whole new slavery system. But this time we would be enslaving copies of ourselves.Even the word clone has taken on a substandard role, as Lee Silver states in his essay "Clones were seen as almost, but not quite, perfect copies of the original, usually cheaper and not as sharp in some way" (216). Would there be tests to see who the original is and who is the clone? Maybe blood tests every morning before work, like in the movie Gataca where the hero is a genus but is not genetically engineered...

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