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An Appeal To Action: Rhetorical Analysis Of Change.Org’s Launch Page

1405 words - 6 pages is an online petition tool with over 68 million users and counting. users can either support causes by signing petitions or create petitions and request signatures. The purpose of’s website is to increase the number of users in its social network in order for more people to create and sign petitions. generates and retains a large user base by gaining the trust of a worldwide audience, inspiring users to action and retaining users through an effective website design. For profit, depends on large organizations like Amnesty International and the Humane Society to buy advertising to support their petitions. Thus, its website not only ...view middle of the document...

” These action words build user trust in’s ability to effectively petition for causes. not only uses real world success stories to create user trust but also reinforces established relationships for returning users. These victories make the user experience enjoyable by generating feelings of satisfaction and content. For new users, these feelings serve as a reason to start signing petitions. For returning users, these victories were once petitions they had sign. These victories create a sense of familiarity and show them that their time on was well spent. They also show how diverse the community and causes are. They assure the users that they belong to and will find petitions that interest them. gains further credibility through impressive statistics. Underneath the site description, “The world’s platform for change,” is the statement “68,308,251 people taking action. Victories every day.” Below each petition is also a count for all the supporters who have signed the petition. Numbers range from a few thousand to more than 100,000. Each day these counters are updated to show strong user growth with more than 150,000 members joining every day. The logical conclusion from these statistics is that is a site worth joining and investing time into. People who plan to make a petition would choose over slower, more traditional methods. Potential members feel more confident in their ability to make a change because they know that millions of other people are there to support them. A large member network also creates a band wagon effect. It pressures people to join so they can adopt the popular trend of online social justice, whether they believe in it or not. As’s member base continues to grow, potential investors and companies are assured that they are making a smart business choice. appeals to companies with the ease and relative cost effectiveness by which the organization can access millions of people’s support. For a simple payment, offers companies a faster method to petition to a wider audience than what the company could achieve unaided.
At the bottom of the page, further assures users and companies that it deserves their trust by quoting several relevant and popular news sources. These sources include TIME Magazine, US News and World Report and Venture Beat. Quotes include: “ has emerged as one of the most influential channels for activism in the country.” by Washington Post and, “Spectacular demonstration of the way ordinary folks now mobilize extraordinary support for their causes.” from TIME Magazine. Each quote positively reinforces the user’s idea of’s ability to power social justice and the user’s own capability to create change. Media coverage validates’s credibility by applauding’s past victories.
Once establishes trust between the...

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