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A Look At The Writings Of Eusebius Of Caesarea.

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Born in Palestine near the end of the reign of Gallineus, Eusebius of Caesarea was one of the first Church historians. In fact, he is called the "Father of church history." (Cairns 1996, 136) Not much is known about his early learning or lifestyle. It is unknown who his secular scholars are, but one of his teachers of sacred literature was Dorotheus the Eunuch. His mother was the sister of the martyr Pamphilus, but any other information about his parents remains unknown. (Parker 1981, 2) Eusebius was given to the task of church history; his personality fit the role very well. He had a "gentle and agreeable disposition and disliked the quarrels engendered by the Arian herecy." (Cairns 1996, 136) Eusebius lived during a time of persecution against Christians and on many occasions saw friends put in prison and other Christians martyred. Following this persecution though, Eusebius was actually elevated to the position of Bishop of Caesarea. Eusebius fought hard through his writing to avoid the pollution of the Christian faith by the Arian heretics. (Parker 1981, 9) His greatest work was Ecclesiastical History, a survey of the early history of the church. Due to the access he had to the libraries in Caesarea, this work is now quite valuable to the history of the church. Other works he has written include Chronicle, Life of Constantine and more. Eusebius had a few successors, and while they were good, they never measured up to Eusebius' reliability. (Cairns 1996, 136)Eusebius' greatest work, Ecclesiastical History, tells the story of the events that transpired from the time of Jesus until roughly 350A.D. It is written in chronological order historically, but due to this, Eusebius covered a great deal of terrain, numerous people and many events, often jumping back and forth. Ecclesiastical History is broken down into ten books and hundreds of chapters.The first book covers the time prior too and surrounding Christ's time on earth. Immediately he sets out to prove the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Eusebius goes back to the time of Abraham to show Jesus' involvement and his everlasting deity. Following this, Eusebius does his best to explain why the Gospel was not proclaimed sooner, a difficult task for anyone to surmise. His reasoning was that man was not in the correct state to receive it and could not receive it to the fullest living as they were. Following this, Eusebius narrows in on the era surrounding Jesus' birth.There is extensive writing (relatively speaking) on the life of Herod, and even more, the death of Herod. Following Herod's attempt to kill the newborn Jesus, he began to suffer immensely, enduring abdominal pains and cramps along with colon problems and apparently suffered with worms in his intestines. Some think that this was a result of God punishing him for the evils he endorsed in Bethlehem by killing the newborns. During the end of his life Herod engaged in many cruel activities, including the killing of three of his sons. One...

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