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I bought electronic books last semester and downloaded them to my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. The tablet that I own has a display of ten inches, and the textbooks displayed well most of the time. I rented the electronic books from The Kno app that I used to read the textbooks froze from time to time. It was irritating when the app froze because the pages would not load or scroll up and down the page. Furthermore, the electronic books were not any cheaper to rent than the textbooks I normally rented from Chegg. As a college student, I found the electronic books nice when it worked, but I missed having the convenience of the textbooks that I could flip through. Recently, Smithfield ...view middle of the document...

It is easier for the teacher to realize when a student is playing instead of doing schoolwork with hardback textbooks because they are seen with other objects other than their book. On the contrary, the IPad allows the students to do other things in lieu of their assigned reading without being noticed because the unassigned activity is also on the IPad. Some students at Smithfield High School have recently found how to avoid the school firewall and are playing on-line games with other students instead of schoolwork during school hours.
Equally important, the children would have the potential to earn higher grades if they used hardback books in lieu of electronic books on the IPad. Children that pay attention in class and do their assigned schoolwork will of course obtain better grades than those that are playing instead of doing their schoolwork. While there may be a few students that actually would use the IPad to their advantage and make their schoolwork easier, most students lack the devotion that is required to excel in school and need a structured environment in order to do so. The IPad gives students an unstructured environment because it comes with too many distractions. Hardback textbooks used in class would cut out most of the activities that the students are doing instead of classwork and would reflect in their grade average.
Furthermore, hardback textbooks are a better value than electronic books on the IPad when it comes to children in classes through twelfth grade. The IPads are issued by Smithfield High School with a hard protective case that helps with breakage, and the students are responsible to pay for any damages. However, since purchasing the IPads Smithfield High now has to pay employees for the constant upkeep of the IPads. The IT Department is also paid for the added time it takes to maintain the school network because students are now using the network with devices that are not closely monitored. Also, there is the cost associated with purchasing the IPads and the hardback covers before they can begin to purchase electronic books. Hardback textbooks can be used from one year to the next. When I was in school, some of the textbooks had eight or nine names in the front of the book before mine. Besides, all electronic devices become outdated rapidly. My IPhone 4S has become outdated, and Apple has pushed many updates to it that should have...

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