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An Application For Law School Essay

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I believe if the earth had only one person as a resident, he would have to live solely by instinct. If a man is put alone in a given wildness, he has to be led by his survival instinct to live. Therefore his needs such as food, drink and accommodation will be chosen depending on his feelings. However, if a second person joins him to live together, they will certainly come into conflict due to their disagreement in their choices, decisions and desires. As a result, the strong man will rule over the weak one or alternatively, there will be a regular disorder like war. Hence, the best way for them to live in peace will be an agreement that will put in force some rules to follow. Indeed, these are the rules that make the law. So, if two people cannot live together in peace without the law, how much more a world with a population of more than 7 billion needs the law? This shows how important is the law for the societies.
Law touches almost every aspect of our life in the world. People, states, international organisations like United Nations, HCR etc. are all under law rules. This is sufficient to explain my choice for law courses. I am applying for these courses to help people to overcome inequity, to defend weak and to increase my knowledge because law and justice used to be and still fundamental basis of every civilisation worldwide. As long as a man lives among people, law will be there. “Ubi societas ubi yus” (which means that every community has its law.). In fact, the law progresses as long as the community life progresses but does not disappear and that is the reason why some used to be considered as crimes are not crimes anymore in some countries. For example, abortion which used to be a crime is no longer a crime in France but it is still a crime in Democratic Republic of Congo. This example describes how the law progresses from a country to another over time.
I am 3 years experienced solicitor in Congo, my studies in law...

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