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An Application Letter To George Madison University

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Do you remember your very first day of school? I fixed the memory of this day in my mind which makes significant contributions in my education life. When I wanted to start my education life, my grandmother gave me advice that is fixed to my mind forever. She said learning journey does not have certain destination; you should struggle with big challenges during this journey and make your own world by focusing on journey without paying attention to final destination.
As years passed, I understood the secret of my grandmother sentences. During high school I was one of the outstanding students with the first rank at mathematical major. I chose industrial engineering for my bachelor’s degree at one of the ten top rank universities in my country with full financial support because of my rank at entrance exam. Passing courses inspired me to transfer my information to automotive industrial scope in order to develop my knowledge how theory has been applied to this specific industrial setting. I worked as an intern at several automotive firms and interacted with experts who had invaluable experiences which would be never taught at university where my classmate preferred to pass their courses without perceiving the importance of the relationship between science and industry.
At the third summer of my bachelor, I was selected as the best intern among thirty students and first female who had allowed to work at the one of best-known companies in my country (Steel M Co); where provided me with the golden opportunity to become accustomed to problems of big steel companies and try to investigate their solutions in a creative way. At the following year, as a senior bachelor I had been chosen as one of the fifteen young researchers from government by award to visit the biggest industrial site of my country (Pars O&G Co), although due to gender limitation women does not allow to visit this site, my strong background as the talented intern and researcher made significant contribution to visit this site. Upon graduating from engineering school I was employed as an industrial engineer by an eminent steel firm and learned how to apply the principles and lessons of my field to this industry. This short stint had given me noticeable practical experience about Supply Chain Management challenges and I was much more enthusiastic to pursue master’s degree at management field.
I joined management school with financial support at one of oldest and well known universities because of my highest rank at a highly competitive nationwide Masters Education entrance in my country in order to broaden my perspective and improve my knowledge about supply chain field. Development plan management and production management _ subjects new to me_ were interesting, and gave me a new angle to research. I enjoyed applying quantities and conceptual skills of industrial engineering to analyze management problems. I did excellent in projects, presentations, desk research, and discussions which...

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