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An Application To A Civil Engineering Program

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No matter which way we look, the world is growing with more demand for creative and peculiar constructions with strong infrastructure. Chiang Mai, the city I currently live in is no different from the rest of the world, growing richer with buildings. To see the city’s style change into an environment with more human’s intervention made me realize that the shape of society is now in our hands. Together with the growing concerns of natural disasters and population growth, I realized civil engineers play a crucial role in every societies, designing more efficient structures that can provide safety and happiness, which attracted my interest into being one.
Seeing the massive and aesthetic structures of The Great Wall Of China and The Eiffel Tower with my own eyes augmented my interest in buildings intensively. Having visited many of my family’s construction sites, I’ve always been impressed by the power of the extensive labor, the combined brainpower of civil engineers and the idea that a basic mixture of earth components can be transformed into roads which provide paths for opportunities and buildings which provide security. To use skills of an Engineer effectively is the route I want to be devoted to.
Academically, I’ve always enjoyed solving problems within physics and maths and appreciate the fact that real life situations can be dealt with numerically. To ensure a stronger mathematical mind I’ve also taken Kumon, learning that perseverance and persistency are important traits to a successful life and obtained 2 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold medals for achievement above my grade level. Additionally, I’ve tried to be balanced and active by participating in as many extracurricular activities available to me. My creativity was reinforced through the Green Energy club, constructing an energy generator bike and gained survival skills through International Award by completed a bronze level. Learning to play guitar and piano have also taught me patience and discipline...

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