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An Application To Penn State Essay

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Penn as an institution is powerfully driven by a nonpareil dedication to medical research. As a firm believer of a well rounded education, I feel pragmatism, community service, and research should accompany an education, and Penn I perceive follows the initiative through wholly.
I am awed by the variety of research opportunities that Penn offers to it's undergraduates through CURF Upon extensive research, I found projects that completely fit my discipline. They are conducted by Ms. Yuchi Han and Dr. Carlo Bartoli. Both professors are directing research related to the body's cardiovascular system; where one works with problems pertaining to LVAD patients developing gastrointestinal angiogenesis, the other pertains to diagnosing cardiac conditions like atrial fibrillation, nonischemic cardiomyopathy, and pulmonary arterial hypertension through echocardiograms and MRIs. I immigrated to the United States after I finished my eighth grade and so, I had a lot of time there to do research. My first hands on experience with research was in the laboratories of Agha Khan University Hospital. A lot of my father's friends were doctors, and so it wasn't hard to get in on their research. Whether it was pertaining to the Feco eye surgery which in those days was ultramodern, or cardiomyopathy prognosis, I was allowed to participate and observe. My background in cardiac research is one of the reasons I am interested in Dr. Bartoli's project and the other is my father's angioplasty that took place in 2007.
Continuing off of my interest in research comes my love for community service. I started volunteering when I was eight years old at Darul-Sukoon, a home for mentally disabled people in Pakistan. That's actually where my interest in medicine first blossomed. Soon after, I started volunteering at other places including the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, and Eye camps held every year in Thar Desert. Coming to the United States, I volunteered at the South Regional library and Memorial Hospital. Every...

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