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An Application To Study Human Resource Management

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It has always been my dream to pursue higher education. Unfortunately the cost to pursue this has been the determining factor in my inability to realize my dream. I have a keen desire to extend my knowledge and has always participated in short courses especially those associated with management issues.

I have spend most of my career in a legal environment, and have under gone studies in areas of administration, office management and paralegal studies to better equip me in fulfilling the objectives of the Firm as well as for my own personal and professional development.

In October 2013 I was given the opportunity to act as a Consultant for the Saint James School of Medicine. I was charged with the responsibility of being the local contact person in Saint Vincent for the Medical School and assisted them in any and every area that would facilitate their start up in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This experience has awakened many talents that I had just barely scratched the surface of. With it came the ability to communicate and negotiate with many different organization and individuals, I was force to adapt to thinking quickly, coming up with solutions and making recommendations for and behalf of my Clients.

As a result of my hard work and dedication to the interest of my clients, in May 2014, I will transition as part of the Administrative team as the Operations Manager at Saint James School of Medicine. This is a new an exciting career in Education Management and I do believe that I will have a long and reward career with this Medical School. 

I believe that planning to study at higher education is a major life commitment and I have put quality time into making the right decision regarding my choice and Mode of Study. I believe that, a degree or higher education qualification could greatly...

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