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A Difficult Scenario Essay

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In Rottenberg’s text we are presented with a difficult scenario.
Task: A series of environmental catastrophic events has virtually wiped out human life on earth. The only known survivors in your vicinity are the eleven listed… There are resources to sustain only seven. Choose seven…people to survive. List them in the order in which you would choose them. (220)
If this scenario which I have been presented with were something I had to face in reality I would probably leave the group and try to find other resources. I would not want to be part of anything that would lead to the destruction of another human being, even for the purpose of the survival of other human beings. I believe that in life there is always a choice and I hope that I would make the moral choice. However, since this exercise is only an assigned task and does not affect the life of any actual person I will do it as if there were no other option. Each person is valuable but I have chosen 7 to survive based upon what they can contribute to the existence of the others in the group, to themselves, and perhaps to other survivors that they might encounter later.
The first person that I chose to survive is Mr. Newton. I have limited information about Mr. Newton. Rottenberg states,
Mr. Newton – twenty-five, black power advocate, starting last year of medical school, suspected homosexual activity, music as a hobby, physical fitness buff. (221)
In order to be diplomatic I will only focus my attention on the skills or qualities that each person can offer. What I immediately note about Mr. Newton is that he is young, healthy and has medical knowledge that under the current circumstances will be useful to the group and possibly other survivors that they may encounter. For example if someone were to cut their arm or otherwise injure themselves he would definitely have the knowledge to treat them with needed first aid or even determine if they are likely to survive their injuries. Next, I chose Father Frans. Rottenberg states,
Father Frans—thirty-seven, white Catholic priest, active in civil rights, former college athlete, farming background, often criticized for liberal views. (221)
I chose Father Frans simply for his farming background. As we know from the text there are limited resources and having the ability to farm would be extremely helpful. Father Frans is also fairly young and because of this likely to survive. After Father Frans I chose Mr. Blake. Rottenberg states,
Mr. Blake – fifty-one, white, Mormon, BS in mechanics, married with four children, enjoys outdoors, experienced in construction, quite handy, sympathizes with antiblack views. (221)
Mr. Blake’s description leads me to believe that he would be in good physical condition, his enjoyment of the outdoors would make him more likely to survive and his skills in construction could be beneficial to the group. He would likely possess the knowledge and skills needed to construct shelter if it were...

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