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An Arguement For Cell Phone Use In Schools

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For some schools, students take French classes or Spanish classes by using cellphones to call classmates and to speak with them in that language. Some schools do not allow phones during school for they have either banned or have limited the use of cellphone.
Just about year beginning of school in fall, students would pack technologies in the backpacks like Ipads and IPhones. Using technology is not really new to the students because they grew up with them and everyday, use technologies.
Although schools have either banned or limited the use of phones, 73% of teachers and students said that they use their phones in the classrooms or other places to complete assignments.
Ever since the terrorist attack on 9/11, school systems begin to relax the prohibitions on cell phones in schools. Though phones have been banned from some schools and can not be use unless if it is in emergency.
Students still use phones during class even though they are not supposed to, but they have reasons why they do it. Students would usually go on if they are done with their assignments. And everyday, students still bring their phones to school, so why can't teachers just let them use it. Students still bring them to talk to people, do research, message people, or to play games. Teachers would tell a student to go read a book or to sit quietly, but the students do not like that, they would still go on their phones anyways so they can waste time or until they have something to do. Teachers should just let students use their phones since most of them still use them anyways, just they try not to get into trouble.
With internet with a click away, students and teachers can do stuff mobile with phones. They can use phones to answer questions, download text documents they have made on google, or to help them brainstorm stuff when they can't think of stuff. They can also provide feedbacks on students progress or to take teachers’ notes.
But schools still have a reason to worry about phones. Students can still cheat on tests or quizzes, visiting inappropriate websites, sexting or overuse....

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