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An Argument Over The Age Of Leaders In Organisation Ielts Writing Essay

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Leaders and directors in an organisation are normally older people. Some people think younger leader would be better. Do you agree or disagree?
Leader always plays a crucial role in the success of a company. Hence, there have been many controversies around the requirements to be leaders, especially their age. From my perspective, older individuals would be more appropriate for these positions. Comment by andongnhi: Good introduction
It is no doubt that aged people would have more experiences as well as higher commitment than most of the younger ones these days. During a number of years working in the field, people certainly have had to cope with numerous problems of different kinds and levels, which would result in their flexibility and timely reaction. As they have experienced several unpleasant situations and made mistakes, they would probably be well awared of the back-up plans’ significance. Besides, most people have a tendency to willingly devote more to the organisation they have spent a long time with. Therefore, a leading place would provide them chances to put their desire into action.
In contrast, the opponents of this view might argue that younger individuals have greater potential to become leaders owing to their huge source of enthusiasm and their up-to-date knowledge and skills. As they just newly step in the working environment, they still remain their energy, their dreams for a successful future career,...

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