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An Arsenal Of Democracy Economic Growth During Wwii

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World War 2 was a big help in the recovery of the American economy. Before World War 2 President Roosevelt’s New Deal had brought some relief to a population reeling from unemployment, inflation, and scarcity. Although, little actually changed for the American economy; 17% of the American work force was still unemployed, Far from the 4% of natural unemployment (1). 30% still lived in poverty, but with domestic workers, sharecroppers, new immigrants, blacks and unmarried women the New Deal helped very little(1). The New Deal did not end the great depression. The situation was very bad for most of the citizens in the US. Only with the start of a world war would help end this.
The United States wasn’t prepared when World War II broke out since the Depression took out many of the country’s industries and the military was substantially under supplied. Although, the Great Depression was a good Preparation for the rationing needed for World War II. The war had used up over a third of the output from the industries but the increased productivity ensured a steady supply of consumer goods to the people. Only America saw expansion during wartime from the result of increased wages and overtime pay. Manufacturing was 50% higher than in 1939 which helped form new technology, industries and new human skills. It also helped inequality since it was the first time that women entered the workforce without being ridiculed.
With World War 2 FDR started spending money of national defense and gave loans to aid Great Britain and the Soviet Union. Since WWII required large amounts of machinery, equipment and man power the United States federal government had to make enormous investments into this war. Before the war in 1939 the industrial facilities of the United States valued at around $40 billion. Although, the government would add $26 billion to this number, Within months the national unemployment rate dropped by 10% from it was in the Great depression. Coupled with the military draft employers were desperate to fill positions as quickly as possible to maintain production demands. Positions opened not only to white men but to women and non-whites as well. The demand for labor was so great that proprietors offered benefits and high wages just to lure them from other businesses. They also offered medical car, daycare facilities, and paid maternity leave, that was unheard of at the time. During the war
World War 2 not only got the U.S. out of the Great depression but is also gave America large post-war economic growth. So in order to maintain a military to fight on 2 war fronts the federal government required most manufactures to halt production on consumer goods like car building factories where made to assemble armored vehicles. The Government also asked Americans to conserve since certain consumer products were made scarce during the war like gasoline, steel, rubber, coffee, butter, oil, and meat they had to issue rations in order to prevent shortages...

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