A Compare And Contrast Essay On Wii And Xbox 360.

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Wii vs. Xbox 360The Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 are two of the most revolutionary new game systems. The Xbox 360 is more powerful, but on the other hand the Wii has some unique features and a lower price tag. In many ways these two consoles are very alike. At the same time they also have many differences. Nintendo and Microsoft reach out to different audiences with their unique gaming systems.The Xbox 360 was released in fall of 2005. The Nintendo Wii was released two years later in fall of 2007. Because of the difference in the release date of the two consoles the Nintendo Wii has an obvious advantage over the Xbox 360. On the release date for both consoles fans all over the United States waited overnight at stores to purchase the console the first day it was released. The Nintendo Wii had more excited fans and therefore the demand for them is much higher. In 2007 the Wii was released and highly sought after. It was rarely in stock for months all the way through until around June 2008. The Xbox 360 on the other hand was readily available just a couple weeks after its release in 2005.The first thing people look at when deciding on what console to buy is usually the games that console offers. The Microsoft Xbox 360 offered many popular titles. The next installment in the famed Halo series was due to release on the Xbox 360. The Nintendo Wii had the familiar Mario and friends coming back on this new console. The Wii also had the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Brawl.Microsoft sells their Xbox 360's in three different packages. All these packages include the Xbox 360 system and one Wireless controller. The first and least expensive is the arcade package. The Arcade package comes with five arcade games, and a 256MB memory card. The cost is $280. The next package is the 20 GB. This package includes a 20GB hard drive and, 2 games, Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. The cost of the Xbox 360 20GB package is $350. The final and most expensive package is called the Xbox 360 Elite. It cost $450 and comes with a 120 GB hard drive, an HDMI cable, and the same two games as the 20 GB package. The 20 GB and Elite Xbox 360's also come with a headset and Ethernet cable. (Bakalar)Nintendo is selling their Wii's at a constant price of $250. The only package available includes the Wii console, one wiimote, a nunchuk, a sensor bar, and the game Wii Sports. A much cheaper alternative to the Xbox 360 but only has half the power, but the Wii does have motion sensor controllers which no other console offers. (Greenwald) (Qualls)The Nintendo Wii had a new motion sensor system to work their controllers. The controllers are wireless. This controller is shaped like a stick. The wiimote, as the Wii's remote is called, has an arrow pad and four buttons. The wiimote...

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