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An Evaluation Of The Three Most Prominent Scenes In The Film The Color Purple

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In in 1985, Stephen Spielberg directed a film adaptation of the Alice Walker’s award winning novel, The Color Purple. The story follows young black woman by the name of Celie throughout the duration of her life. It follows her through the births of her two children, both of which were taken from her. It continues on as she loses what little family she had considered herself possessing, and it watches as she tries her best to gain the support of those around her in order to build that family back up once again. Spielberg’s film is now considered one of the most controversial and iconic films of the century, and it is widely accepted that there will never be another film that will come close to mastering all of the things that Spielberg did. This film opened a lot of eyes and sparked a lot of controversy. It made a lot of people begin to wonder precisely what she was trying to do with a text so incredibly controversial. A few of the scenes in this film were actually considered so incredibly ‘inappropriate’ that they were censored out of modern television premiers. Stephen Spielberg’s film contains three scenes so incredibly prominent that they managed to forever make cinematic history.
During one of the earlier portions of Spielberg’s film, Sofia very disobediently refuses to become Miss Millie’s maid and in doing so, creates one of the most incredible moments of the entire film. The tension between Miss Millie’s husband and Sofia during this portion of the film is absolutely unreal. It begins with Sofia standing near her car when Miss Millie arrives and starts raving over her children, talking about how adorable black children are, and out of the blue, a few moments later, she looks toward Sofia and asks if Sofia would care to be her maid. There is a brief moment of hesitation before Sofia very confidently refuses with the words, “Hell no.” This refusal ultimately leads to Miss Millie’s husband reaching forward to strike Sofia, and when he does, Sofia very quickly hits him back. This moment becomes one of the most tragic downfalls of the text. The strongest most independent character within the film is suddenly being beaten to death on the ground, and when she is finally rescued, she rises up as a broken woman. Her children are taken from her and she is imprisoned, then forced to serve as Miss Millie’s maid, the ultimate punishment for her crime. This scene allowed viewers to see just how strong and large the race barrier was during this time period, and what it would mean if someone dared to cross that barrier ill prepared for the consequences. It showed people that even the strongest people could be completely crushed by the weight of society.
One of the biggest moments of redemption within The Color Purple is when Mister uses the money he saved over the years to bring home Celie’s sister and her children. Throughout the course of the text we watch as Mister’s traditional ideas on how a man should behave in respect to his family, disintegrate...

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