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An Evaluation Into The League Of Nations' Efforts In The 1920s.

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The League of Nations was set up to stop war and to bring peace among countries. It believed in discussing the problems and solving them without the usage of the military. In the invasions of Corfu and Bulgaria by Greece and Bulgaria, the League of Nations settled the disputes before the out break of war. However, their actions affected their reputation in many ways.The incident in Corfu started because an Italian officer was killed because he was doing work for the L of N. This caused the leader of Italy, Mussolini to become very upset and so he attacked and occupied Corfu. Since Greece is part of the League they quickly turned to them for help, but the final solution that they came up with was very surprising. They first ordered Mussolini to leave, but he did not. After, they came up with the solution that Greece had to apologize and pay Italy and the Italians left when the Greeks did as the League ordered. They didn't severely punish Italy because one, they were in the Security Council, two; they were a major trading partner. Yes, the League achieved their purpose for their start; they prevented war from breaking out between Greece and Italy. If one simply just considers the outcome, then the League of Nations would have a fairly high reputation, but when the process of coming to this result is included, one may otherwise. It was Italy that had taken over Corfu without the permission of Greece, and yet they seemed to have the right reason. Greece, on the other hand, was the victim and instead, they had to apologize. Some people would see this as an act that would deeply lower the League's reputation...

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691 words - 3 pages result of many countries leaving the League. While the league was distracted by the Abyssinia crisis. Hitler another Fascist who had evenstronger ambition, marched his army of 22,000 soldiers into the Rhineland. In the Manchurian crisis Chinese people were under the cruel control of Japan.Emperor Puyi was though appointed the top leader of Manchuria; he had actually nit any real power. It was really a disgrace to the Chinese.We love peace and

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593 words - 2 pages Italy's actions during the 1920s~1930s, but those factors would not cause the League of Nations to collapse if they occurred without the primary or secondary factors, so they would not be mentions in details. Due to all the problems mentioned above, the League of Nations finally resulted as failure and was handed over to the United Nations in 1946.

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616 words - 2 pages because of this.Corfu is only an example and there were much more conflict that the League of Nations couldn't stop or deal in right way. This was because the League couldn't use army to solve problems. The most severe punishment used by it was economic sanction. Unfortunately this didn't have enough effect to stop a country to go wrong way. The best example is Manchuria Crisis. Japan invaded China and the League of Nations implemented sanction

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