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A Comparison Of "A Bronx Tale" And "Jungle Fever"

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Racism is an issue that we have to face everyday in our lives. A lot of people would not call themselves racists because they don't want to sound like a criminal or bad person that hates people for their color alone. But the truth is that people are affected by a racist environment, from the media to their friends to their own families, and that's the main reason why a lot of people can't accept interracial relationships. "A Bronx Tale" and "Jungle Feve"r were two very good movies at showing how racist people can be at judging a biracial relationship."A Bronx Tale" was the better movie overall but it wasn't the better movie at showing the effects of a racist community on a biracial relationship because of the two simultaneous themes going on at the same time. The main focus of the movie was about how Calogero was growing up and how he had to decide between his father and the Sonny. The underlying theme of racism only began halfway into the movie but it did have a huge impact on the movie. It showed the extent that some people would go to take action against an interracial couple. No one ends up being happy when there are racist people running around judging everybody else's relationships. They feel like they are protecting their own race when they are not doing anything but promoting violence towards each other. When they do that, everybody gets hurt just like those Italian boys who tried to wreak havoc on the African American neighborhood."Jungle Fever" had a much better focus on the issue of racism than the other movie, but it wasn't as action packed with a dramatic ending like "A Bronx Tale". The main theme of the movie was about a black man who cheated on his wife with a white woman and how the community views this controversial issue. It's a more believable movie than "A Bronx Tale" because it shows both families' reactions to this matter and how...

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