An Evaluation Of Connect’s Customer Complaints Practices

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INTERNET SERVICES FIJI LIMITEDAn Evaluation of Connect'sCustomer Complaints Practices,RESEARCH PROJECTPartial requirement of MG301 - Service Operations ManagementDepartment of Management and Public AdministrationFaculty of Business & Economics,University of the South Pacific (USP),2007Supervised byMr. Subash AppanaCourse Coordinator/LecturerDesigned by:Sunjit Kaur Singh S11003284Ginger Honafonu S11017155Sital Kumar S11012247Jenita Prakash S11014674Table of ContentsI. Cover Page (i)II. Content (ii)II. Statement of Declaration (iii)III. Acknowledgements (iv)~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~I. Abstract 1II. Company Profile 2III. Connect's Customer Care 3Customer Evaluation of Connect's ServicesIV. Literature Review 9V. Recommendations 14VI. Conclusion 15VII. Bibliography 16VIII. Appendix 17Exhibit 1: Connect Service PackagesExhibit 2: Connect 2007 Annual ReportExhibit 3: Interview QuestionnaireExhibit 4: Developing a Comprehensive Picture of Service FailureStatement of DeclarationWe, hereby declare that this project is the result of our own hard work and all ideas used in the completion of this project are acknowledged in the bibliography at the end of this report.Utmost care and responsible has been undertaken to provide accurate information of the market situation in Fiji, however, we accept that some ideas of data are outdated.Permission was sort from Connect prior to compiling this project. However, their logo and their internal information are still their assets. Therefore, they are copyrighted and trademarked but allowed for us to use the purpose of education from the School of Management & Public Administration of the Faculty of Business & Economics of University of the South Pacific. They shall only be used for the MG301 class of semester 2,2007 only.Sunjit _________________________Ginger _________________________Sital _________________________Jenita _________________________Tuesday, October 23, 2007AcknowledgementWe would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following people for providing the necessary resources that assisted in the completion of this project.The lecturer, Mr Subash Appana, for providing us the basic guidelines and uninterrupted support.The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Connect, Sharon Smith-Johns, for allowing us access to Connect's internal files to attain information of their operations.The Customer Services Manager, at Connect's Garden City office, for her time and patience for providing us with invaluable information through interviews and questionnaires.Our friends and family who provided us with the overwhelming support.We express our heartfelt gratitude to you.Vinaka!I. AbstractMuch attention has been paid to Connect's poor service, recently. In light of this, this project looks into the service recovery concept that Connect uses to resolve the numerous customer complaints. Connect's customer complains care is examined to find out if Connect is changing its ways and...

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