A Comparison Of High Heels And Flats

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A Comparison of High Heels and Flats

Women are always searching for the right shoe. There are so many different styles, types, colors, and even heights. To me the two most common types are high heels and flats. Well, at least in today’s fashion those are the two most common. Both, if paired with the correct outfit are simply stunning. High heels offer a sexier look that’s nearly impossible to get from a flat shoe. Nevertheless, I feel very strongly about women in high heels. They make your legs look longer, butt look better, and they are sexier than flats. On the other hand, if you’re running around and being busy all day, nothing feels better than a cute pair of flats. Its time we hit the ground running as we explore the real similarities and differences of the two common types of shoes, in which I mean comfort, styles, and versatility.
High heels can be comfortable if you pick the correct shoe size and height of the heel. Those are the two rules when picking out high heels. Also, things that make them more bearable are getting gel inserts to help either your arch or the ball of your foot, by adding cushion. Yes, high heels do require getting use to wearing and walking in them, because not only your foot is in a new awkward position, but your ankle as well. FFlats generally are comfortable however; if you, just like high heels, choose a pair that is the wrong size your feet are still going to hurt. Lucky you if you prefer flats, you just have to worry about the correct shoe size not the height of the heel. With both of these choices depending on what materials the sole is made out of also depends on the comfortableness.
Both types of shoes do offer basically the same styles. In high heels you can get open toe, closed toe, strapy, sling back, round toe, almond toe, pointed toe, etc. Not only those have they come in...

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