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An Assessment Of Option House, A Shelter For Battered Women.

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Option House is a family violence intervention and prevention services agency providing a temporary crisis intervention shelter program in San Bernardino and Fontana with a total of 41 beds. Their mission statement calls for providing outreach services, legal services, information, education, and awareness to family violence victims. Their philosophy of promoting the health, safety and rights of victims of family violence, and promoting the education of the community, as listed in their statement of purpose, is fulfilled by:A.Providing 24-hour emergency crisis intervention, temporary emergency shelter, food, clothing and support services to victims of family violence.B.Providing transitional housing to promote an independent and productive lifestyle to female victims and their children.C.Providing community awareness of the widespread incidence of family violence through education and training programs.I learned about Option House from a friend, Lynne Y., who works as an RN. She set up an appointment with Ms. Bobby, the agency's professional contact. The following information is from her interview on August 26, 2003 and materials gathered at their Domestic Violence Assistance Center.Option House has been serving victims of family violence since 1977, through, among other things, walk in one-on-one advocacy, community education, bilingual support groups that provide women who are still in or have been in abusive relationships a non-threatening forum to talk about domestic violence, information and referrals.The agency provides a 40-hour Family/Domestic Violence Training (Evidence Code Section 1037.1(a)(2)) open to everyone who wants to learn about family/domestic violence. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate. A nominal $20.00 fee is charged to cover the cost of materials. Classes are facilitated by Human Service professionals within the local community. Class topics include: History and dynamics of domestic violence; Domestic violence: sexual abuse/elder abuse/gay & lesbian abuse; Impact of domestic violence on children; Family Law; Civil & criminal law as it relates to domestic violence; Cultural and societal attitudes toward domestic violence; Anger management; Crisis intervention/peer counseling techniques; and Networking and available resources.The agency also offers Teen Dating Violence Prevention Workshops and monthly FYI informational workshops designed to empower women and facilitated by local community Human Services professionals.Legal clinics are also offered through Prevention Services at no cost. Topics include: how to complete Family Law forms; Family Law procedures; and preventative safety measures.Option House disseminates info to the community through brochures, flyers, presentations, and their website. By contacting their Speakers Bureau, an interested party can have a speaker address their organization, class, or business. Presenters give talks about what they do as a non-profit agency dedicated to the...

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